Innovation Awards: Reward for innovation

One of the strengths of the Amsterdam Security Expo is the attention that is payed to renewed products and solutions. This is done through the organization of the Innovation Awards. The award acknowledges the level of innovation of exceptional products and solutions in the security and fire-safety industry, and takes place twice a year. Every product, service or solution qualifies for this prestigious award, regardless of whether they exhibit at the Amsterdam Security Expo, or not. The winners are announced on the first day of the exhibition by an in independent jury.

Winners for the Innovation Awards are announced. See all winners »



The innovation awards are awarded in 5 categories:

1. CCTV/ Video surveillance systems
2. Access control
3. Burglary and alarm systems
4. Fire security
5. Solutions


Jury chair: Hélène Minderman, TLN, Security Professional of the Year 2016
Jan Kuipers, VEB
Fred van Poelgeest, Uneto-VNI
Paul van Dooren, Netherlands Fire Service [Brandweer Nederland]
Rick Strijbos, KNVI SIG IBIS
Pieter van Gelder, TU Delft Safety and Security Institute
Ben Nagel, VBN

The criteria for registration and jurying are available here »

I noticed an emerging trend in the products that were entered into the competition. An increasing number of them are becoming ‘plug-and-play’, which makes them more accessible to the consumers. The increased incorporation of mobile devices, such as smartphones, is also a noteworthy trend. A third trend is the usage of cameras in the process of alarm verifications, especially in the fire-safety industry.

Arjen Appelman