5 trends in the Dutch security industry

5 trends in the Dutch security industry

  • 07 July, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo

A new study by VEBON-NOVB reveals interesting developments in the Dutch Fire safety and Security industry. The 5 most striking figures.

1. Sales growth
According to an industry study by VEBON-NOVB, the technical security industry in the Netherlands is steadily growing. In 2016, 1,188 million euros worth of sales were realized: an 11.1 percent increase compared to the previous industry scan dating from (crisis year) 2013.

2. Companies are optimistic
The majority of entrepreneurs in the security industry have positive expectations for 2017: 75 percent of VEBON-NOVB members expect a rise in sales.

3. Privacy Law ready
The vast majority of VEBON members (77%) took measures to comply with the upcoming Dutch privacy legislation (AVG / 2018). Measures include new data access regulations for employees (38%) and the creation of specific functions for the management of these new regulations (18%).

4. More jobs in the industry
The Dutch technical security industry accounts for approximately 8,470 jobs. Compared to the previous industry scan in 2013, this is an increase of 9 percent.

5. Cybersecurity = top of mind
Nine out of 10 companies in the Dutch technical security industry have taken measures to protect themselves against cyber crime, in majority by means of awareness programs for staff, stronger firewalls and virus scans.

The full report 'Branchescan 2016: Ontwikkelingen in de technische beveiliging' (in Dutch) can be read here.

VEBON-NOVIB is the Association of Fire safety and Security companies in the Netherlands. The organisation is partner of Amsterdam Security Expo, 31 October - 2 November in RAI Amsterdam.

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