Amsterdam Security Convention presents her Founding Partners

Amsterdam Security Convention presents her Founding Partners

  • 20 July, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Convention

Cisco Systems International, Dahua Technology, SALTO Systems and Johnson Controls

This week RAI Amsterdam presents the four Founding Partners of Amsterdam Security Convention; the new international networking and knowledge event focused on professional end users of security solutions. The Convention – taking place from 31 October to 2 November – has a central theme: Bridging the gap between IT and Physical Security. How do the Founding Partners – with roots in both IT and Physical Security – look at this theme? And how do they actively bridge this gap by joining forces as Founding Partners?

No digitalization without cyber security
René Pluis - Country Cyber Security Lead of Cisco Systems International - “Digitalization of The Netherlands can’t succeed without cyber security. The recent cyber attacks on the harbour of Rotterdam make this clear. By joining forces we can reach as many people as possible during the Amsterdam Security Convention and raise the overall awareness about digitalization and cyber security.”

Sharing knowledge
John Flanderhijn - Director Strategy Marketing & Business Development Benelux Tyco, now Johnson Controls : “As Founding Partner we have the opportunity to share our vision and knowledge on current security topics. Boundaries between IT and physical security solutions rapidly fade, risks are increasing and become more complex. By sharing knowledge we can analyse these developments and together enhance the way of approaching security issues today and in the future!”

Converging IT and Security
Technical Support Manager of Dahua Benelux Bill Zhou about bridging the gap: “Today, with the development of IoT and AI, security industry is migrating to a new era of having big data processing and artificial intelligence in everyday video surveillance. Dahua therefore created a four layers technology architecture to face the new era: semiconductor chipset, big data, artificial intelligence and advanced application. Does it sound more like IT than security?  It is quite a reality that IT and Security are converging!”

Continuous learning
“Security does not only depend on solid hardware against burglary and reliable software anymore”, according to commercial director of SALTO Systems Joost Ebels. “SALTO believes that continuous learning is indispensable to keep data and our systems safe. Therefore sharing knowledge between IT and security professionals is extremely valuable to reduce risks in security management and to build even stronger brands.”

On-going integration
René Pluis emphasizes the importance if an on-going integration between traditional IT security – namely safeguarding and preventing unauthorized access to data – and physical security, like protecting employees getting hurt. Pluis: “The growing deployment of connected sensors enables higher levels of automatic end to end security. For example, the combination of security video cameras, card readers, access locks, working permits and online certifications levels, all connected and online, will raise the level of protection of employees working in potentially hazardous locations. A lot of ‘horizontal’ integration can be still be done in this area.”

About Amsterdam Security Convention
Amsterdam Security Convention offers a high end program to facilitate the end-users in the field of safety and security. Recent developments like terrorism threats and new technologies as the Internet of Things, Drones, Big data and Cyber security change the security challenges for companies, knowledge institutes and public entities in a fast pace. The main theme ‘Bridging the gap between IT and Physical Security’ underlines the importance of realizing valuable connections. During three days – from 31 October till 2 November 2017 – a variety of keynotes speeches, seminars, lunch meetings and round table sessions are held in a vibrant business environment.

About the Founding Partners
SALTO Systems is one of the top five market-leading providers of electronic access control solutions and strongly believes that “innovative thinking keeps you one jump ahead!”

Cisco Systems International is the worldwide leader in network equipment, services and solutions.
The corporate vision has been “Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play and Learn” for more than 30 years and is still as relevant as when it was formulated.
Tyco now part of Johnson Controls, is the global leader in building products and technology, integrated solutions, energy storage and information-based retail solutions and
Dahua Technology – world leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products.

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