An intelligent camera through deeplearning

An intelligent camera through deeplearning

  • 15 November, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo

Imagine that you lose your child at a packed airport on the busiest day of the year. You would, of course, have every right to panic. However, the latest innovations in the field of surveillance cameras make it possible to find your child within a couple of minutes. "It is simply a question of handing security a photo of your child - which these days everyone has on his or her smartphone. Security then scan in the photo and the PTZ camera with DeepLearning and DeepinView from Hikvision performs a high-speed search of the departure hall", explains Peter Gatowinas from PG Security Systems during Amsterdam Security. "It is our most recent innovation."

With DeepLearning and DeepinView, manufacturer Hikvision has embarked on quite a revolutionary path in the field of CCTV and its application. The special facial recognition camera on display at the distributor's stand records numerous faces at high speed and compares them with faces in the database. This means a check can be carried out very quickly and simply to determine whether someone is allowed access or not, or whether that person needs to be watched extra closely in connection with reports relating to, for example, shoplifting or a terror threat.

The PTZ camera records images of people and objects. It scans large locations at a high speed and records pictures of large numbers of people no matter whether they are far off or close by. By doing so the camera registers characteristics such as the colour of a pair of trousers or jacket, whether the person is wearing glasses or indeed a cap and other features. These details make it easy to carry out a search of the location and the camera images. According to Gatowinas, "Even someone who leaves behind a suitcase at a busy location" is easy to follow using the camera. Gatowinas explains that DeepLearning solutions from Hikvision also ensure that the camera can exclude many false sightings using smart algorithms.

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