ARAS sees “golden” opportunities at Amsterdam Security Convention

ARAS sees “golden” opportunities at Amsterdam Security Convention

  • 03 April, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Convention Expo

“Knowledge needs to be transferred person to person!”

ARAS Security- full-service distributor of security and safety - has signed up as Gold Partner of the Amsterdam Security Convention. Commercial Director of ARAS Security Julius Faber: “Over the last 28 years ARAS has accumulated an immense amount of experience and knowledge regarding security and safety. We strongly believe that knowledge is something that needs to be transferred person to person. That’s why we choose to be Gold Partner, to fully represent our company, our values, and the added value we can deliver for security and safety projects. The Amsterdam Security Convention to us, is a much needed transition from product offering to solution offering. This is right up our alley!”

ARAS has a complete product portfolio in access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and fire safety. As director Faber states: “There are no projects that ARAS cannot handle. From the smaller residential to the large and high-security distribution- and datacenters, ARAS has both the products and supporting services to fit every project.”

Current developments
Faber endorses the rapid changes taking place regarding security. “Security is no longer just a physical barrier to mitigate risks. With everything being or becoming IT based, more and more reports hackers use these devices against their owners or other victims. Think of ransom ware, DDOS attack and data leaks. Our product portfolio incorporates the latest advancements in both physical and data security, with end-to-end encryption on many of our products.”

Keeping systems up to date
“In addition to the right products, it’s even more important to help companies to keep their systems up to date at all times”, states Faber. “Running on older platforms or outdated service-packs for example could open up systems to unwanted risks. We invest heavily in keeping our support teams up to date with the latest developments, and offer the same to our customers, even with 24/7 support remote and on location. This fits perfectly into the main theme of the Amsterdam Security Convention: Bridging the gap between IT and security.”

About Amsterdam Security Amsterdam
Security offers a high end program to facilitate the end-users in the field of safety and security. Recent developments like terrorism threats and new technologies as the Internet of Things, Drones, Big data and Cyber security change the security challenges for companies, knowledge institutes and public entities in a fast pace. The main theme ‘Bridging the gap between IT and Security’ underlines the importance of realizing valuable connections. During three days – from 31 October till 2 November 2017 – a variety of keynotes speeches, seminars, lunch meetings and round table sessions are held in a vibrant business environment.

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