Cisco supports first edition of Amsterdam Security Convention

Cisco supports first edition of Amsterdam Security Convention

  • 12 July, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
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Cisco supports first edition of Amsterdam Security Convention

The perfect platform for the essential sharing of security knowledge and insights

Amsterdam, 12 July 2017 – Cisco is supporting the first edition of Amsterdam Security Convention as a Founding Partner. Not only is this company a global supplier of networks and IT infrastructures, but also the world's largest cybersecurity company. Cybersecurity therefore plays a crucial role in the Cisco program 'Digitale Versnelling Nederland' (DVN) launched early this year. Cisco considers the Amsterdam Security Convention the perfect opportunity to share knowledge of and insights into cybersecurity and to promote security awareness.

René Pluis, who is responsible for security at DVN, explains, “It has recently become clear once again how important security is for our economy. Digitization requires effective security. The Cyber Security Council is now also emphasizing the need to share knowledge in order to better inform companies. We believe that the Amsterdam Security Convention can play an important role in this and Cisco has made the strategic decision to support that role."

Pluis has also experienced in practice that security awareness and knowledge at companies still leaves much to be desired. “They appear to be under the false impression that they will not be the target of a cyber-attack or that they are safe because their industrial network is not connected to the Internet. This gives a false sense of safety because you do not have to be connected to the Internet at all to be infected.”

Cisco is a strong advocate of 'security by design’, which means that security is incorporated into the design of all of its products and services from the very start. Pluis adds, “Unfortunately, we see that security is often considered after the fact or, even worse, is considered too expensive and bothersome for the business. The most recent ransomware attacks show that a lack of security can have catastrophic consequences. Security must absolutely be integrated into the foundation of every digitization project, not only from an IT perspective, but above all from a business perspective."

Cisco also shares its knowledge of and experience with digital infrastructures and cybersecurity in the ‘Country Digitization Acceleration’ programs aimed at helping countries accelerate their digital transformation. The theme of the convention – Bridging the Gap Between IT and Security – is in perfect keeping with this, all the more so since Cisco has identified an increasing need for integration between IT security and physical security, such as a combination of video cameras, access card readers, locks, and online certification and access permission.

In the Netherlands, the Country Digitization Acceleration program is known under the name of ‘Digitale Versnelling Nederland’. DVN is in line with the goals of the Digital Agenda developed by the Dutch government, such as GNP growth and improvements in education, healthcare, infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Cisco aims to achieve these goals in collaboration with the government, the business community, and the knowledge industry.

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About Amsterdam Security: Bridging the gap between IT and Physical Security
Amsterdam Security Convention, 31 October – 2 November in RAI Amsterdam, is the new international networking and knowledge event focused on professional end users of security solutions. Creating new insights for a secure world, requires an open discussion. Amsterdam Security Convention offers delegates a new experience: scenario based programming. Based on actual threats in physical and cyber security several film scenarios are presented and alternated with keynotes, seminars and round table sessions. More information

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