Digital firefighting training

Digital firefighting training

  • 15 November, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo Fire protection area

The Twente Fire Brigade has already won numerous innovation prizes with the special suit and, during Amsterdam Security Expo in RAI Amsterdam, visitors were even able to try it out. It is known as the REDSUIT and is standard Fire Brigade equipment which can be used for training in a virtual environment. "Firemen and women risk their lives almost on a daily basis", explains Ymko Attema from Twente Fire Brigade. "They therefore have to be optimally trained. The REDSUIT makes it possible to do so in a safe environment. However, it feels like real life."

With the REDSUIT on you are not looking at a screen, but are actually walking through a virtual space in which various scenarios have been programmed. For example, it is possible to practise putting out a fire in an apartment. You can tackle the blaze with the 'real' fire hose in your hand. The colour of the smoke will tell you whether you have done the right thing. "We programme locations where it is normally difficult to train, such as operating rooms, tunnels or a prison", Ymko Attema adds.

Twente Fire Brigade regards the REDSUIT as a breakthrough when it comes to 'new drills'. A lot of work is now going on to continue developing the REDSUIT together with the University of Twente. According to Ymko Attema it will soon be possible to experience heat while wearing the suit. "We hope that other fire brigades will be interested. That will enable us to scale up."

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