EAL implements Open Security Standard

EAL implements Open Security Standard

  • 09 October, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Amsterdam Security

The offline locks of EAL are now in compliance with the Open Security Standard (OSS), making them compatible with components from other manufacturers. With this standardization EAL offers clients more flexibility and freedom of choice.

EAL has expanded its portfolio with WCAN offline equipment that meets the Open Security Standard (OSS). This relatively young standard is an initiative of the German OSS Association, that focuses on the development of open standards in the field of security. The primary aim of the OSS is the development of a standardization for offline locks: the OSS Standard Offline for the compatibility of offline card access control systems.

In this video, Stephan Vos of EAL explains how the 'Open Security Standard' works:

Compatibility with different offline suppliers
The Standard Offline ensure that customers can combine the online and offline components of their choice into one integrated access control system. Customers are therefore no longer dependent on one supplier for the entire lifespan of their system, but they can combine parts of other manufacturers and still just use the same card. In the Netherlands, more and more suppliers are complying with this standard.

EAL Apeldoorn, specializing in hardware and software for access control, voice logging and mobile data communication, will be present at the Amsterdam Security Expo (31 October to 2 November), at stand number 2.600.

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