Honeywell Golden Partner of Amsterdam Security Convention

Honeywell Golden Partner of Amsterdam Security Convention

  • 18 October, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Convention

“Security is core to what we are and what we do!”

Honeywell Building Solutions is a partner of Amsterdam Security Convention. Their participation is driven by the desire to reach out to both the security and ICT Professionals. “We need to realize that Security and ICT are connected, and that we need to act on it!”, says Sinclair Koelemij - at Honeywell. Koelemij will address the urgency of the issue during a seminar at Amsterdam Security Convention, under the title of ‘Get the Big Picture - Designing for Physical and Cyber Security’. “Physical Security has already been connecting intelligent devices and extracting data from these networks, this is not new. However, now that these devices and systems are connected to the public Internet, good security management of cyber security is an absolute necessity!”

As Koelemij - will make clear during his presentation, the principles of designing Physical and Cyber Security share much in common and must work hand-in-hand to be effective, as a breach in one area can materially affect the other. Koelemij will furthermore talk the audience through the design principles and show how they work in tandem.

Bridging the gap between IT and Physical Security

The presentation plays into the main topic of Amsterdam Security Convention, which focusses on bridging the gap between IT and Physical Security. It is also a hot topic at the company itself. Because of its industrial heritage, Honeywell is in an unique position to innovate and refine the connection between their software and physical products. As digital and physical solutions merge and the Internet of Things is rapidly transforming the way we live and work, the concern for solid security solutions is growing. The solution for security risk can be found in domain knowledge and near perfect products.

Challenges and needs

Honeywell provides a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions and products to a wide range of customers. Though security is not the only thing they bring to the table. Honeywell also has solutions that make environments energy efficient, sustainable and more productive. Their services are being used by stadia, the commercial sector, public and industrial facilities, healthcare and even airports.

Regulations regarding data

Honeywell is on top of the most recent developments in the security sector. They have noticed a recent increase in interest and company budget for security measures. Furthermore, the use of drones, video analytics and predictive analysis of social media-data is becoming more popular. As our society is getting more digitalized, the need for protective laws and regulations is increasing as well. Existing regulations regarding data gathering are getting stricter, and new regulations are coming into place. The GDPR, which will become effective as of mid 2018, is only one example of this. This new measure was created to guarantee a safer European Digital Environment.

Holistic security approach

Security is at the core of Honeywell’s identity. “We believe a holistic security approach, which means implementing one solution that improves security, reduces risks and increases peace of mind across the facility. In order to achieve this, Honeywell invests over €100 million a year in security related research and development.”. Find out more about Honeywell Building Solutions.

Visit Honeywell at Amsterdam Security Convention 31 October – 2 November and visit their expert session ‘Get the Big Picture - Designing for Physical and Cyber Security’ in the Theatre on 31 October 13:00 hours. You can register here »

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