Kalashnikov proof? Demand for higher security levels

Kalashnikov proof? Demand for higher security levels

  • 11 September, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo

Aalbers|wico observes an increasing demand for higher security levels among its clients. European standards for bullet-resistance are no longer up-to-date, says the structural security specialist that owns its proper test centre.

"Security measures rarely go further than bulletproofing against a .44 magnum, whereas everybody knows that a kalashnikov is the weapon of choice of terrorists nowadays. European certification standards however, do not even mention the AK-47 yet." Koen van der Aa RSE, Security Advisor at aalbers|wico likes to remind clients that legislation often trails behind reality, and security is no exception to this. Van der Aa: "Standards are only a starting point, one has to take it much further. We tell clients not to make any assumptions but assess the real risks of their organisation. After that, they should ensure that security measures actually provide the desired resistance, by having them tested professionally."

Test centre for bulletproofing

Many customers are already aware of this necessity, because aalbers|wico witnesses an growing demand for higher bullet protection among clients. Koen van der Aa: "As the attacks are getting more violent, the demand for heavier resources follows." Clients demanding kalashnikov proof constructions are no longer an exception. Aalbers|wico has its own ballistic test centre where the resistance of doors, walls, counters and windows are tested. Regularly the Dutch Army and companies like KIWA also make use of the centre.

Fire, intruder, ballistic and blast resistance combined

The aalbers|wico test centre specializes in intruder, bullet, blast and fire protection. Four specializations that are increasingly combined in one product. Van der Aa: "Secure locations often need to meet conflicting requirements, such as introder security measures versus fire safety escape routes that should be bulletproof as well. We specialize in making these requirements work together."

Norway after Breivik

This know-how aalbers|wico incorporates into the security constructions it supplies to Dutch embassies worldwide. An interesting challenge, because embassies are often located in historical buildings where all security measures must be invisible for aesthetic reasons. The Norwegian government also contracted the Dutch security specialist after the Breivik attack in Oslo. Since then, Norwegian government buildings are equipped with aalbers|wico windows that absorb the energy of explosions.

Aalbers|wico will be present at the Amsterdam Security Expo in the RAI, 31 October - 2 November 2017. Want to meet this company? Register now!

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