New PIDS for biggest airport Georgia

New PIDS for biggest airport Georgia

  • 24 July, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
Sieza sold a new perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) to Tbilisi airport in Georgia. Due to climate circumstances and the presence of wild animals, a system with a very low false alarm rate was required.
Wind and hyenas

With a local partner Sieza recently delivered a new perimeter intrusion detection system for Tbilisi International Airport, near the capital of Georgia. This airport, known as one of the best of Eastern Europe, was looking for a new PID system that was better adapted to the sometimes harsh weather conditions in the Caucasus. "The airport is situated in an open area were heavy wind and rain causes a lot of movement of the fence," explains Daniel Ngo, region sales manager of Sieza. "There are also a lot of animals moving around the site, such as hyenas, regularly causing intrusion."

From Siberia to the south of Spain

Sieza proposed the Peridect+, an intrusion detection system that is little affected by weather conditions. Daniel Ngo: "Our operating temperature range is very wide, the system is used on locations from Siberia to the south of Spain. Also, our product has a very low False Alarm Rate, due to addressable sensors with a wide sensitivity range, using differential logic. As for the alarms caused by wild animals: our PID can be directly integrated with an existing CCTV system. So if hyenas run into the fence, quick camera verification is possible."

High risk sites

Sieza´s local partner finished the first part of the installation at Tbilisi Airport beginning of 2017. Ngo: "We were able to deliver in very short time because our system is modular, easily installable and we have local support in the form of very strong partner that distributes and installs our PIDS in the region. We have similar partners in other parts of the world." Sieza delivered its Peridect+ system to several high risk sites, such as public transport companies, militairy bases and other airports.

About Sieza

Sieza is a a Czech security enterprise based in Prague with a 25 year track record in system manufacturing for railways, prisons, military sites, utilities, industrial and commercial plants in different European countries.

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