Nsecure partner of Convention

Nsecure partner of Convention

  • 24 July, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Convention
“We are looking at the big picture”

Nsecure - a specialist in the field of effective access authorisation for organisations and locations where large numbers of people come together – is partner of the upcoming Amsterdam Security Convention. As Hans van Driel, Nsecure CEO, explains: “At Nsecure we are looking at ‘the big picture’. We regard hospitality, security, compliance, continuity and operations explicitly as a single whole. As a result we can ensure that organisations are fully in control in all these areas. That is why our motto is: Control Your Access.”

Need for someone to take control

An important development right now, according to Van Driel, is the ever-increasing digitisation of access control due to the emergence of wireless solutions. “ICT has acquired a greater role within access control in recent years. The result is a greater focus within organisations on issues relating to privacy and identity management. Examples are concerns about identity fraud and challenges in the field of cyber security and compliance. Due to the increased technical complexity and scope of Access Control we are seeing that organisations have a greater need for a system integrator, or a controller who ensures smooth system integration.”

Licence to operate

Van Driel adds, ”For our clients we are, therefore, often a partner that takes responsibility for the total access authorisation chain. If asked to do so we can use our cloud solutions to take over the entire process on their behalf. This means our clients are given a licence to operate from their most important stakeholders and regulators. By this we mean that an organisation is given a full mandate to do exactly what they want − whatever that might be − because we arrange everything else in the field of access authorisation and anything related to.”

Bridging the gap

As partner, Nsecure can identify very well with the central theme of the Convention: Bridging the gap between IT and Security. As Van Driel explains, “Process optimisation is becoming more important for organisations. An important aspect of this is proper collaboration between IT and security systems, so that they can strengthen each other. We at Nsecure are uniquely aware of how to use workflow management with a correct mix of IT and security solutions. During the Convention we will be keen to share our knowledge in this field and properly explain the range of services we offer. To us the Convention is – in contrast with a standard product exhibition – an ideal opportunity to really engage in conversations with end users.”

Amsterdam Security Convention takes place from 31 October - 2 November in RAI Amsterdam.

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