Operate drones with Saxion and ROC Twente

Operate drones with Saxion and ROC Twente

  • 11 September, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo

Saxion provides innovative safety & security as well as technological study programmes and research programmes in the following fields of application: smart industry, areas & living and health & wellbeing. The institution enjoys revealing the opportunities created by unmanned systems and particularly unmanned flying systems such as drones for detection, inspection and transport. We also encourage others to develop new designs and applications in collaboration with us. Seven lectorships collaborate to innovate in the field of unmanned systems:

Amsterdam Security - Saxion 1   Amsterdam Security - Saxion 2


Mechatronics develops robotic and mechatronic technologies. This results in unmanned systems for various sectors. Robots for cooperative cleaning for example or drones for flexible air sample taking. For agriculture there are the robots for asparagus harvesting and drones like the Autonomous Flying Agro Robot and the Landing & Refilling Platform. For the security of industrial areas we are studying detection and information provision by drones.

Advanced Forensic Science

Advanced Forensic Science develops new, innovative technologies to improve the resolution of crimes and accidents. There, drones are developed that can, for instance, help the police investigate and support the fire brigade with measurements from around fire loci. These lectorships are supported by Nanotechnology, Ambient Intelligence, Lightweight Construction, Industrial Product Design, as well as Risk Management that focuses on, among other things, risk analysis and is involved in renewing legislation and regulation at a national level. The lectorships are linked to relevant study programmes. https://www.saxion.nl/designentechnologie/site/over/lectoraten/

As part of Twente Safety & Security, Saxion collaborates with ROC Twente and the University of Twente. The institution also contributes to initiatives by the Ministries of Infrastructure and Environment, and Security and Justice as well as European cooperations of national safety & security clusters for the development of new technologies. Our organisation has applications in the field of detection, inspection and transport, and we would be more than willing to discuss these with you.

This academic year (2017-2018) ROC Twente will be one of the first MBO [senior secondary vocational training] schools in the Netherlands to offer education with regard to drone application (drone pilot) and the technical aspects (drone technician). This concerns two elective modules that allow students to expand their education. Drones will occupy an increasingly important place in our society. Just imagine the options when it comes to security, crowd control, infrastructure inspection, logistics, mapping, etc. etc. The students who opt to take the Drone Pilot module will, in principle, attempt to get their official ROC Certificate (RPLA).

Visit Saxion and ROC Twente at Amsterdam Security Expo, 31 October - 2 November RAI Amsterdam. Register now!

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