Palm vein identification in 5 questions

Palm vein identification in 5 questions

  • 09 June, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo

Palm vein identification is a biometric verification method with big potential. Easy to use, quick and extremely reliable. Why?

Eduard de Knegt, director of Recogtech, explains.

1. What are strong points of palm vein identification?
"A security system only exists by virtue of its functionality and ease of use. Otherwise, staff will eventually try to bypass the system or put pressure on executives to reduce control levels. In both cases, safety will decrease. Within this social context, palm vein ID is a very efficient form of biometrics. It can monitor large groups of employees in a way that is fast and non-intrusive – much less than iris scans for instance – without making concessions to security levels. "

2. What are possible disadvantages?
"To have this type of user comfort while maintaining a high security level, only a high-end palm vein ID with a low False Rejection Rate and a low False Acceptance Rate will do the trick. Plenty of products exist that have clearly never been tested with high numbers of users and that can cause problems." "Another important warning that applies to all forms of biometric identification: never think that a reliable scanner and registration device are enough to create a trustworthy system. It is vital to thoroughly secure what's behind them: the database. All information should always be encrypted and images made during the control shouldn't be saved."

3. What is the difference between superficial palm scanning and vein pattern recognition?
"All forms of biometrics that focus on external characteristics have by definition. Think of face or fingerprint recognition. Vein pattern recognition uses a near-infrared sensor to scan the blood vessels in the hand and check the oxygen levels of the blood. These features can not be imitated in any way and make this - along with the irisscan - by far the safest form of biometric access control."

4. For which security purposes can palm vein identification be used?
"Vein pattern recognition is suitable for high level access protection. My company, Recogtech, works for several government agencies and foreign defense forces. And also for Dutch companies that are possible targets for terrorism, such as energy companies and data centers. Our specififc product is focused on high security needs, that is why we only deliver tailor-made solutions."

5. Other possible applications in the future?
"Basically, this technology is interesting for all companies and organizations that want to get rid of entry passes. Palm vein ID could easily replace social security cards or hospital registration cards, for instance. Especially for these broader purposes palm vein ID is a technology that can contribute to major breakthroughs in the safe and fraude proof identification of persons."

Recogtech works closely with aalbers|wico defense & security, both companies share a stand during Amsterdam Security 2017, 31 October - 2 November 2017.

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