Pilot Schiphol and KLM with biometric boarding

Pilot Schiphol and KLM with biometric boarding

  • 17 March, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security

Schiphol Airport has started a test phase with KLM involving 'biometric boarding'. Passengers can board the aircraft after using a special entry door that recognises passengers by their faces.

With this pilot that started in February 2017, Schiphol Airport and KLM want to study the technology of facial recognition – the system’s speed, reliability, and user-friendliness. They will also examine the boarding process and the passenger experience. The ultimate aim is to make the boarding process as quick and easy as possible for our passengers. The test period will last a minimum of three months.

The pilot will take place at a specially selected gate at the airport. Boarding with facial recognition will require passengers to register first. In the waiting area near the gate, there will be a special registration kiosk. KLM staff will assist the passengers.

Face scan and data storage

Registration involves scanning the passport, the boarding pass, and the passenger’s face. In the interest of privacy, the data will be used only for the test. Following boarding, all personal data will be erased. All data storage in the registration kiosk is erased after ten hours.

Schiphol and its partners are constantly working to develop innovations and create smart ways of improving ease of travel, speed, and airport processes. The airport aims to become 'Leading Digital Airport' in 2018. Over the past two years, the airport’s collaboration with KLM and governmental authorities has resulted in the introduction of the very first security scan for passengers, crew and staff, and the new Security Lane in 2015. Right now, there is a test involving carry-on baggage scanning which allows passengers to leave their laptops and liquids in their bags. In the time to come, innovative technologies will be tested on a regular basis and, when proven successful, will be put to use.

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