Powerguard: when every second counts

Powerguard: when every second counts

  • 24 July, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
For emergency services constant power supply is vital. Mobeye provides an alarm that automatically warns users in case of power failure. By phone.

We take it for granted. We plug a device into the wall and electricity comes out, no questions asked. It seems so trivial today, that we fully trust the power grid and are very depended of it. However, even in modern times power failures do occur. Mobeye is a Dutch specialist in compact stand-alone GSM monitoring products for the detection of numerous problems. Such as temperature detectors, water detectors, all-in-one burglary units and also a best-selling power failure alarm, the Mobeye PowerGuard.

Ambulances, fire stations, health authorities

"Many organizations are highly dependent on the presence of electricity," says Jack van de Vijver, Managing Director of Mobeye. "If power failure occurs, they must take action as soon as possible. Quick notification is therefore crucial. No need for big, integrated systems. A solution like the PowerGuard is very effective for these situations. "One of the public safety regions in The Netherlands uses the alarm for its ambulance services, fire brigades and health area authorities (GGD's). Both manned and unmanned locations are concerned. In case of a network or telephone failure, users of the alarm unit know directly whether power failure is the cause. This prevents network administrators being called in for no reason. In addition, the alarm units tells employees if the cooling units with vaccinations are affected. "

Monitoring switchboards and control cabinets

In other industries also, a constant power supply is often crucial. For example, energy company Enexis monitors the functioning of their switchboards with the Mobeye PowerGuard and many agricultural companies use the unit for their control cabinets. The fallout alarm can store 5 different phone numbers. In case of power failure, they receive a voice message, a text message or an email.

About Mobeye

Mobeye is a Dutch manufacturer of GSM alarm and security products and winner of various innovation prizes. The company specializes in alarm and telemetry technology with extremely low power consumption.

Mobeye is present at Amsterdam Security Expo at RAI Amsterdam, 31 October - 2 November 2017. Want to meet the company? Register now for the event!

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