Q&A Jeroen Boeijen, Fire & Safety specialist at ASML

Q&A Jeroen Boeijen, Fire & Safety specialist at ASML

  • 05 July, 2016
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo Fire protection area

"Fire protection is a top priority at ASML. We have 100 km of glass fiber installed on site: probably a world record."

1. Can you describe your company briefly?
"ASML is the largest machine supplier for lithography and chip production in the world. Our technology is cutting edge and more than 10,000 people work here. The maintenance departement alone has 120 staff members."

2. What recent security project are you proud of?
"We are working to replace all hardware on the main company site: a project that we have prepared for one and a half years, and that will take another two years to realize. All fire protection and access controls are renewed. For example, we have 100 km of glass fiber installed on the campus for fire prevention: probably a world record."

3. Which security issue do you care about most?
"How can we prevent and reduce damage? Fire detection is a top priority at ASML because if there is a fire in one of the cleanrooms, another 3 cleanrooms will go out of service beacuse of the air pollution. And it may take months to get them operational again, so the consequences are serious. Cyber security obviously is an important issue also for ASML, but because we only work with external servers, this is a lower priority to our department."

4. What new security developments are you looking out for?
"It would be great to improve the communication, localisation and security of lone workers. If one single device could hold an active soft key to combine all of these features, that would be wonderful. Now, I sometimes feel like a lit up Christmas tree when I set out for a round. Packed up with my transceiver, smartphone and all other necessary devices... That could be so much more efficient and we are already talking with different parties about the possibilities."

5. Are you planning to visit the Amsterdam Security Expo 2017 and if so, what do you expect?
"If work allows it I would definitely like to come and hopefully see some real innovations. Not only from companies but also from technical universities and inspiring organisations. I would like to know more about the AED Drones that the Hart for Oss association is talking about for instance, or the RoBoot. Or projects on autonomous boats and flying devices that the Eindhoven University of Technology is working on. This could be inspirational for our own logistics at ASML, which are now happening with air cushions."

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