RoutIT: Security technicians, make sure you don’t miss out

RoutIT: Security technicians, make sure you don’t miss out

  • 11 September, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo

Interview with Ron Landzaat of RoutIT, a new PAC and 24-hour service provider with an ambitious mission. "We want to help technicians transition to ICT. It’s now or never; if you don’t change you’ll lose clients. It’s that simple."

You are a new private emergency call centre. Was there demand for one from the market?

"RoutIT started in 2000 as an internet service provider and we indeed became a registered PAC last year with our 247Alarm service. What’s special about us is that our security processing is entirely in the cloud, a massive difference in comparison to traditional PACs. We only receive IP signals and that’s the way things are going: in 2019 there will be no more analog call centres. It’s not only a desire, but a need. Alarm will be IP."

What do you have to offer partners?

"We don’t supply to end-customers, but only work through partners such as security technicians and ICT companies we offer security services under the name 247Alarm. We have two, competitively priced subscriptions: Base and Business. Users receive push messages to their smartphones using the secure 247Services app. The latter also allows them to retain complete control. For example, users can change alert addresses themselves and do not need cards to change block times. For the Business subscription, one of our IT-specialised call centre staff provides additional protocol processing and active monitoring of all a client’s internet connections is also an option."

A proactive security service?

"Precisely, we’d rather prevent a crime than register one. Think, for instance, of hacked cameras. Clients want to know about that straight away and not just when someone notices on a monitor. We can also warn retail clients – on behalf of a partner – that their dedicated line to the card terminal is down on Friday evening so they don’t have to lose customers on a busy Saturday. We act proactively in a security sector that is generally pretty reactive."

Does this day and age demand a shift from security technicians?

"Absolutely, they will face increasing competition from ICT professionals. Their bread and butter will change, it’s about collecting data and doing something with that. Clients expect more flexible solutions. They don’t want to wait for a monthly report and have to pay for the privilege. They want to be able to see that information immediately, on any device. It’s extremely important for technicians to transition now, otherwise they will end up the last of the Mohicans. In 2019, that’s the way things will be, then you will have to be properly trained to be able to communicate at the same level. We therefore provide our existing and new partners with all the technical and commercial knowledge required so they have the right tools to be successful."

What kind of presence will you have at the Amsterdam Security Expo?

"We are going to simulate a few things. For example, we will demonstrate how fast an alarm can be forwarded to a smartphone in the event a camera system is interrupted or visitors bang something. During the trade show we also want to explain to security technicians how our one-stop shopping principle works. They can order a (VPN) connection from us, the security connection, a back-up SIM and sell this with a good margin to their principals.

RoutIT will be present at the Amsterdam Security Expo at RAI Amsterdam from 31 October - 2 November 2017. Want to meet the company? Register now!

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