SALTO Systems – Founding Partner of the Amsterdam Security Convention 'We want a world without keys'

SALTO Systems – Founding Partner of the Amsterdam Security Convention 'We want a world without keys'

  • 15 February, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security Convention

SALTO Systems – one of the top five market-leading providers of electronic access control solutions – strongly believes that “innovative thinking keeps you one jump ahead!” Commercial director Joost Ebels:  ”We want a world without keys, for real-time intelligence and instant control. To realize this we not only need innovative thinking and advanced technologies, but also new contacts between professionals and end users. The Amsterdam Security Convention is an exquisite opportunity to accomplish this; as Founding Partner we want to be part of the bridge that narrows the gap between IT and security.”

Bridging the gap between IT & Security is also the main theme of the Convention. Joost Ebels: “Security does not only depend on solid hardware against burglary and reliable software anymore. SALTO believes that continuous learning is indispensable to keep data and our systems safe. Therefore sharing knowledge between IT and security professionals is extremely valuable to reduce risks in security management and to build even stronger brands.”

Amsterdam Security Convention - Salto 

Joost Ebels

Connected services have the future

According to SALTO the most important current developments when it comes to security are accessibility, cloud systems (cloud security), the use of mobile devices, and connected services. Joost Ebels: “All SALTO hardware and software can be networked without wires to provide real-time intelligence and instant control, while enabling integration with existing systems to improve manageability and enhance the end-user experience. The last years SALTO has done major improvements towards the integration of mobile devices in access control, as well as the cloud-based access control solution SALTO KS, Keys as a Service. SALTO KS provides enormous opportunities talking about connected services.”

Partnership Panasonic Camera manager

Joost Ebels: “ SALTO KS has been successfully integrated with market leaders to offer a comprehensive security solution within connected services. A partnership between Panasonic Camera manager and SALTO is the first example of integration between a state-of the-art cloud CCTV company and the SALTO KS cloud-based access control.”


Since 2001 SALTO has been delivering the most technologically advanced electronic access control solutions in the market - wire-free and keyless. They provides access in over 90 countries, securing more than 3 million doors, being used by an estimated 15 million people per day. The SALTO XS4 platform offers a wide range of comprehensive and versatile products, which allows SALTO to provide access control for the most diverse sectors. In addition to its headquarters in Oiartzun (Spain), SALTO now has offices in 26 countries worldwide.

About Amsterdam Security

Amsterdam Security offers a high end program to facilitate the end-users in the field of safety and security. Recent developments like terrorism threats and new technologies as the Internet of Things, Drones, Big data and Cyber security change the security challenges for companies, knowledge institutes and public entities in a fast pace. The main theme ‘Bridging the gap between IT and Security’ underlines the importance of realizing valuable connections. During three days – from 31 October till 2 November 2017 – a variety of keynotes speeches, seminars, lunch meetings and round table sessions are held in a vibrant business environment. More information? Visit:

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