Scenario based Programming: a unique experience for delegates

Scenario based Programming: a unique experience for delegates

  • 23 June, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Convention

To create new insights which can be applied to one’s own situation, Amsterdam Security Convention uses a complete new approach which is called ‘scenario based programming’*. Based on scenario’s actual threats in physical and cyber security are presented in a movie and alternated with discussion, interviews and keynotes. Thus a real involvement of all delegates is created while nobody is withheld by company’s confidentiality. An unique experience and opportunity to discuss emerging threats and its implications for organizations.

Involvement of the market

The scenarios are developed in close consultation with the Partners and stakeholders of the Convention. Together we define the actual subjects such as:

  • What are the most important risks companies are facing today and tomorrow?
  • What opportunities are offered by the recent developments in ‘sensing’ technology?
  • How safe is the digital infrastructure of my organization?
  • Which security solutions are offered by Big Data, IoT, predictive profiling e.g.?

The scenarios are explicitly designed to offer recognizable situations for decision makers (management and boardroom level), responsible for physical and cyber security. They work in the field of:

  • Retail & hospitality ( stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, etc)
  • Cure & Care institutions
  • Terminals (airports, stations, etc)
  • (semi) Public spaces and public buildings
  • Critical infrastructures (datacenters, power plants, etc)
  • Supply chain

*The scenario based programming is developed in cooperation with ‘Scenarios4 summits’, producers and writers. A short impression of this technique is given by this 3 minutes teaser movie for the GCCS 2015 (Nuclear Summit) in The Hague, the Netherlands:-

Amsterdam Security Convention, 31 October – 2 November 2017 at RAI Amsterdam.

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