Security systems: the big maintenance mistake

Security systems: the big maintenance mistake

  • 13 June, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Fire protection area

Outsourcing facility maintenance to one single service provider can save money. But it can also seriously reduce safety. Here's why.

More and more building owners and managers outsource the maintenance of their buildings and systems to generalist facility management companies. By doing so, the fire safety and security systems are often bundled together with other types of systems into one service contract. Advantage: this approach lowers the costs and reduces the number of service suppliers. Disadvantage: this approach comes with a risk.

More non-specialists in the field
Euralarm, the European association of the electronic fire safety and security industry, warns that this trend leads to an increasing amount of non-specialists in the field. The concern is that these companies do not always come with the technical qualifications, skills and expertise needed for the correct maintenance of fire safety and security systems. Non-specialist providers often lack product knowledge, system training or knowledge of current European legislation. This can result in the dysfunction of systems that are meant to protect people, property and assets.

Building owners are liable
All security systems (fire alarms, intrusion alarms, access control, video surveillance) degrade over time. They need regular inspection, repair, servicing, analysis and calibration. Only proper and specialised maintenance can preserve the integrity of this type of equipment and systems, the Euralarm holds in a recent Whitepaper. Building owners and operators are themselves responable for making sure that service providers are qualified to carry out the work according to European law. Many local certification organisations and companies (such as the VEB in The Netherlands) deliver quality labels for service providers that are specialised in security sytems.

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