Technical installers in the spotlight

Technical installers in the spotlight

  • 20 July, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo

Koos Kiela, project manager at Van Dam installation company.

1. Can you describe your company briefly?
"The Van Dam Group started in 1935 as a plumbing company in Rijssen (NL) and over the years has grown into an overall technical installation company with around 320 employees. Our security department is a small but essential business unit that services the entire organization, and also has its own dedicated security projects."

2. What recent security project are you proud of?
"We pride ourselves on all our projects, I wouldn't be able to choose. Our company stands for quality, we allways reach for the best. All our assignments are tailor-made and if possible we prefer to deliver clients a fully integrated system for building management, including burglary protection and fire detection."

3. What security issues keep you up at night? "For most of our clients we are busy adjusting systems to new legal standards, which brings up the question: couldn't the technical standards for home automation burglary and fire protection be more uniform and integrated? Legally burglary and fire detectors should be kept apart as autonomous systems. It would be very useful if in the future the two could be integrated as one certified system. So much better for the customer and easier for us."

4. What developments do you see for the future?
"Installers now need to have cosiderable IT knowledge. Screwing a detector to a wall is no longer enough. Nowadays, everything has to be digitally programmed on a laptop or tablet. In our company we need more IT professionals that can upgrade the IT knowledge of older staff. A risk also, because when we train staff in this area, they also become more valuable on the job market and we see them leave sooner. We therefore pay close attention to keeping good people on board."

5. What do you expect to find at the Amsterdam Security Expo?
"My main reason for coming is networking. I want to meet our regular suppliers and discover new ones. We are usually quite aware of the latest developments, but I would like to check-out those innovations in real during the exhibition."

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