TU Delft speakers on Convention: Big data and malware detection

TU Delft speakers on Convention: Big data and malware detection

  • 19 October, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Convention

Two leading researchers of the Delft Safety & Security Institute (DSyS) will give an overview of the latest technology and case studies in the field of Big data and malware detection, during the Amsterdam Security Convention.

Scientific developments are a central focus of Amsterdam Security Convention, which is the new international platform for physical and cyber security. On the 1st of November, Professor Pieter van Gelder, Director of DSyS (Delft Safety & Security Institute), and Sicco Verwer, Assistant Professor Cyber Security, will contribute to this focus by discussing the latest technologies for security measures in public and corporate environments.

Predictive policing with CAS
Professor Pieter van Gelder concentrates on the developments surrounding Big data. Colleagues from DSyS contributed to the development of the Crime Anticipation System (CAS). The system predicts the risk of theft or violence in a specific area of the city, by linking data analysis of incident history to weather forecasts and demographic figures. Van Gelder: "The False Positive and False Negative Rates can still be improved, but overall the results are very positive."

3D maps for the security of buildings
Van Gelder will also discuss the future possibilities of recently developed technology, with a focus on the field of generative techniques. Generative voice recognition is one example, which can be used to analyse the reliability of emergency calls. Generative technology can also provide valuable information to secure buildings with, Van Gelder suggests. A swarm of little drones could be used to create 3D maps of office buildings. "After an incident, a drone can quickly make a comparative scan to analyse the damage."

Malware detection through data analysis
DSyS colleague Sicco Verwer is convinced of the importance of knowledge exchange between the world of science and the security sector, both of which can be found at Amsterdam Security Convention. The Assistant Professor Cyber Security will mainly talk about his personal research on network traffic patterns, for the early detection of malware. Verwer: "With the help of machine learning we summarize large network data streams into simple software models. These models can detect suspicious behaviour in new traffic, such as botnets."

More information about DSyS research areas: https://www.tudelft.nl/onderzoek/onderzoekinstellingen/tu-delft-safety-security-institute-dsys/

Prof. dr. ir. Pieter van Gelder and dr. ir. Sicco Verwer will speak at Amsterdam Security Convention on the 1st of November at 12:00 hours in the Theatre.

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