Tyco Integrated Fire & Security - Founding Partner of the Amsterdam Security Convention

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security - Founding Partner of the Amsterdam Security Convention

  • 17 March, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security

Boundaries between IT and physical security solutions rapidly fade

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security (Tyco IF&S) recently became Founding Partner of the Amsterdam Security Convention. Director John Flanderhijn: ”As Founding Partner we have the opportunity to share our vision and knowledge on current security topics. Boundaries between IT and physical security solutions rapidly fade, risks are increasing and become more complex. By sharing knowledge we can analyse these developments and together enhance the way of approaching security issues today and in the future!”

The future is built today
John Flanderhijn: “As global provider of security and safety solutions we are able to monitor developments all around the world and create fitting and customized solutions. Our merge with Johnson Controls even extends this. The future is built today and we make that future more productive, more secure and more sustainable. We create intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation transportation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart cities and communities. At its core, that promise is deliver innovation that make people’s lives – and the world – better.”

Current developments
We are living in a 24/7 connected world. John Flanderhijn: “The development of Smart Cities, IoT, mobility and cloud-based solutions creates a demand for integrated security solutions. These solutions become more accessible, flexible and scalable, but need a broader focus because security becomes more and more part of a complete information and communication network.  Systems become more intelligent and complement each other which results in increasing efficiency. Boundaries between IT and physical security solutions rapidly fade, risks are increasing and become more complex, which results in demands for a different approach on business strategies regarding risk management and security approach.”

Bridging the gap between IT and Security 
This different approach is exactly what should be discussed during the Security Convention, according to John Flanderhijn: ”The main theme of the Convention is Bridging the Gap between IT and Security. Let’s discuss this topic; exchange knowledge and see what solutions are already available. An example of one of our own solutions is the Physical Security Information Management-system (PSIM), as access to Fire & Security related data and operational systems increases, so do the challenges associated with securing the smart building environment. The same capabilities that provide beneficial new features – such as remotely accessible performance analytics and monitoring, can also introduce cyber risk to occupants and so the bottom line. It is no longer enough for a building to be smart – it must now be cyber smart. Defending against cyber threats today and tomorrow requires the secure design, development and deployment of building automation systems and controls.” 

About Tyco IF&S
Tyco IF&S part of Johnsons Controls provides consultancy services and integrated solutions to reduce vulnerability, mitigate business risks and help protect people, goods and property. Tyco IF&S’ product portfolio includes integrated solutions, monitoring services, intruder alarms, video surveillance, access control, electronic article surveillance, radio frequency identification, and fire detection and suppression. John Flanderhijn: “Our customers entrust us with their security and fire protection needs, because we have demonstrated a complete understanding of their markets and individual security needs.” About the Amsterdam Security Convention: “We expect that this three day convention will be an inspiring location which will offers the opportunity to connect with different members within the IT and security branch.”

About Amsterdam Security
Amsterdam Security offers a high end program to facilitate the end-users in the field of safety and security. Recent developments like terrorism threats and new technologies as the Internet of Things, Drones, Big data and Cyber security change the security challenges for companies, knowledge institutes and public entities in a fast pace. The main theme ‘Bridging the gap between IT and Security’ underlines the importance of realizing valuable connections. During three days – from 31 October till 2 November 2017 – a variety of keynotes speeches, seminars, lunch meetings and round table sessions are held in a vibrant business environment. More information? Visit: www.amsterdamsecurity.com.

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