Jury Innovation Awards sounds the alarm

Jury Innovation Awards sounds the alarm

  • 31 October, 2017
  • Amsterdam security
  • Expo

'Faster innovation is essential for the sector!'

Today, during the Amsterdam Security Expo, prizes were awarded to the companies ARAS Security, RoutIT, Acal BFI, Smart Service Solutions and Telepage. Each of them went home with the Innovation Award 2017, which is awarded for exceptional products and solutions in the security and (fire) safety sector. Although the jury was extremely impressed by the number of submissions they received, they challenged the sector to innovate faster. As jury member Ben Nagel (VBN) explained, "In general we were disappointed by the quality and content of the presentations. Instead of true innovations they were often more user-friendly variations or technical developments of existing solutions. As a sector we really must pick up speed when it comes to innovation! Hopefully the five winners will serve as an excellent source of inspiration to do just that."

The jury of the Innovation Awards 2017 consisted of: jury chair Hélène Minderman (TLN, Security Professional of the Year 2016), Jan Kuipers (VEB), Fred van Poelgeest (Uneto-VNI), Paul van Dooren (Brandweer Nederland), Rick Strijbos (KNVI SIG IBIS), Pieter van Gelder (TU Delft Safety and Security Institute) and Ben Nagel (VBN). In the run-up to the award presentation the jury assessed 14 nominees, spread over 5 categories: Fire Safety, Solutions, Burglary and Alarm Systems, CCTV/Video Surveillance Systems and Access Control. During the presentation ceremony the jury not only called for faster innovation, but also for a focus on privacy. "Often there is tension between innovation and privacy which means you have to perform a balancing act with products and solutions", explained Hélène Minderman.

Winner in the Fire Safety category
In this category the Innovation Award went to Smart Service Solutions for their Smart Service Logger, a plug-and-play solution whereby reports are automatically stored in a Digital Logbook. A total of four contact inputs are logged, namely a fire alarm from an automatic detector, a fire alarm from a manual alarm, a malfunction in the fire alarm system and system section deactivated. The jury praised the fact that the Smart Service Logger is low threshold and platform-independent. The jury report also stated, “the link between fire alarm and logbook forces users to keep a logbook.”

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Winner in the Access Control category

In the case of Phera by ARAS Security the jury was particularly impressed by the fact that it is an innovative business model for all the parties involved. The jury report stated, “These days users basically want simplicity and that is something that fitters often find difficult. However, Phera meets the requirements of both the end user and the fitter. It is extremely easy to install, attractively priced and unique through its use of the cloud.” Innovation Award winner Phera brings the world of Office 365 and Spotify to the security sector. You no longer have to purchase and update software because Phera allows you to manage the entire access control system via any user-friendly interface and any browser you like, on all devices.

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Winner in the Burglary and Alarm Systems category

The winner, 247Alarm by RoutIT, is something really new which the general public only found out about during Amsterdam Security Expo. This new cloud service enables RoutIT customers to receive alarm notifications and process them using an app. According to the jury, what makes 247Alarm unique is that the customer can actually control it. The jury report also stated, “An alarm as an IP application is not only an innovative concept. Thanks to the flexibility of the service – the subscriptions can be cancelled every month – this service appears to have a bright future.”

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Winner in the Solutions category

The smartphone with built-in pager, walkie-talkie and personal protection with manual and automatic alarms and location finding by Telepage won the Innovation Award in this category. One important comment made by the jury was, however, that this solution is not ideal in all sectors. For example, although jury member Jan Kuipers believes it is a fantastic product for the petrochemical industry, Paul van Dooren noted that it is, in practice, not a handy solution for the fire brigade. The entire jury was, however, convinced that it is an extremely sustainable product, with five products in one device.

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Winner in the CCTV/Video Surveillance Systems category

According to the jury the innovative element of the Intelligent People Tracker VCA2520PT by Acal BFi Netherlands B.V. is the 3D component. In comparison with other sensors this tracker is extremely reliable and, in the jury's opinion, it is also innovative primarily because of its accuracy. The jury report also stated, “The tracker can be used in all kinds of situations and is reliable, it is suitable for larger spaces and has a unique 3D component. A lot of thought has also gone into the privacy aspects, given that faces are unrecognisable.” Jury member Ben Nagel added, "It is clever because it can cover a large space with several sensors." The VCA2520PT can be used inside and outside by retailers, banks and airports. It stably detects moving and stationary people.

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Amsterdam Security Expo: What does new security look like?

Amsterdam Security Expo is the biennial trade fair for security and (fire) safety in the Benelux. During the first edition of the Amsterdam Security Expo the spotlight will particularly be on new developments and innovations at the InnovationLAB. There are also four new specials: Secure Smart Buildings, Cyber Security, Fire Protection Area and Public Safety. Please visit www.amsterdamsecurity.com/expo for information and free registration.

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