Spotlight on Secure Smart Buildings during Amsterdam Security Expo

Spotlight on Secure Smart Buildings during Amsterdam Security Expo

  • 19 September, 2017
  • Amsterdam Security
  • Expo Secure Smart buildings

“Smart is the future!”

The latest technological developments demand an entirely different approach to security and (fire)safety. How do you tackle this as a company, what are the trends, the pitfalls and what is actually technologically possible in 2017? Amsterdam Security Expo – the former SSA and the leading trade show in this field – will not only put visitors in touch with a wide array of suppliers and companies from the sector, it will also focus very consciously on four contemporary themes. For this edition of the trade show, which will be held from 31 October - 2 November at RAI Amsterdam, the themes are: Cyber Security, Public Safety, Fire Protection and Secure Smart Buildings.

On the Secure Smart Buildings Square visitors will be able to take a look at RAI’s mobile call centre, het Centrum voor Criminaliteitspreventie en Veiligheid (the CCV, Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety) will be present, you can try on GERT (GERonTological test suit), and UNETO-VNI will lead interactive sessions on the changing role of security technicians. The development of smart buildings – at which security, lighting and climate control systems are all linked together using technology – is in full swing. As Kevin van der Hulst – Project Leader Safety & Security at RAI Amsterdam – puts it: “Smart is the future!”

Melding functions
At the RAI countless new systems are also being used or experimented with. Van der Hulst: “Think, for example, of smart parking, traffic monitoring, video analysis and smart cameras, but also the use of lighting. People feel safer if we use the right lighting in the multi-storey carparks.” In Van der Hulst’s view, RAI is becoming increasingly ‘smart’. “Gradually, the links between Security, ICT and Building Management are tightening and in the future these functions will probably meld. We can already detect, for instance, from a safety perspective that the escalators have malfunctioned, lifts have stopped or rooms are not in use. Why shouldn’t we immediately capitalise on this?”

Live demos
In the future – according to Van der Hulst – developments will progress towards total building management which will also be demonstrated in the mobile call centre on the trade show floor. Van der Hulst: ”Visitors will be able to see two screens that indicate the status of the building as a whole. The on-screen results are distilled from an enormous mountain of data collected by our software from countless channels. This is the future: a clear overview of the building and its many facets.”

Technicians of the future
Security technicians’ roles are changing and will only continue do so in the future, in part thanks to the rise of smart buildings. Whereas now there is often still a bifurcation between ICT and physical systems’ components, the technicians of the future will have to be well versed in both fields. What does this entail as far as (additional) education is concerned? Which opportunities can entrepreneurs capitalise on? And, what does the ‘technician of the future’ look like? Every day at the Amsterdam Security Expo interactive sessions will be led by UNETO-VNI concerning this subject on the Secure Smart Buildings Square.

How safe is your building?
The CCV (Dutch Centre for Crime Prevention and Safety) will also be present on the Secure Smart Buildings Square. Companies can turn to the CCV for information, tools, informative materials and tailor-made advice when it comes to safe homes, living and working. The CCV’s focus during the Amsterdam Security Expo will be on certification and it invites visitors to come and check out their database to see whether (and what) they are certified (for). Furthermore, visitors to the CCV can get handy tools and practical information concerning building safety in general and that of smart buildings in particular. For example, there is the VRKI tool, which allows you to determine the required security level for a building yourself. The CCV staff will show visitors how to best use the tool and how you can subsequently achieve that security level.

Feel like GERT
Are the solutions devised for homes and institutions for the elderly actually as handy and safe as people say? This can be tested using GERT (GERonTological test suit). Wearing the old-age simulation suit allows you to experience a range of limitations associated with aging, including the fear, insecurity and stress involved. What will you (not) be able to see if you suffer from eye diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts? What will you miss out on if your hearing starts failing? And, to what extent will your fine motor skills be influenced if you develop tremors? Visitors who would like to know about GERT’s application can experience how it works for themselves on the Secure Smart Buildings Square.

Other activities
There will be three other specials at the trade show alongside the Secure Smart Buildings Square: Cyber Security, Public Safety and Fire Protection. The InnovationLAB has also made a comeback and, on the first day, the Amsterdam Security Expo Innovation Awards will be presented. For further information and free registration visit:

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